Barbara Frohmader moved to Asheville eight years ago, and enjoyed a studio in the River arts District for six years. She lives in Swannanoa and although she prefers to paint at home where she can spend lots of time with her work, she very much likes having a space where she can interact with the public and other artists. She has been a member of SVFAL for three years.

Barbara's web site Barbarafrohmaderart.com., offers an extensive history of her process and of her works, past and present. Having worked in oils, acrylic and watercolor, she feels that her favorite medium for this chapter of her painting life may be watercolor again, and she is excited about what feels like a new direction.

Come see the work she displays in the studio. There is a breathtaking fall landscape in acrylic on a canvas which measure 36 by 48. It is a representation of the view from Mt. Pisgah. There are other works in acrylic and oil, unique floor cloths and watercolor studies; a little of this and a little of that. Her work is vibrant, varied and interesting, like the artist herself.

Barbara Frohmader
Studio 13